Gems: exquisite, intricate, intimate small works of art


Arts Benicia

991 Tyler Street #114, Benicia, CA

Opening Reception for this show is December 3 from 7-9 PM.  Gallery hours are Thursday - Sunday 12-5 PM.  I hope you have a chance to come by and see some new small paintings of mine.

Here are two of my paintings that are in the show.  See you there!


Early Morning Walk

Quiet Colorado Morning


The Things You Miss

I miss some things when I'm not paying attention...or enough attention.  And things are changing!  What kind of things?  Well, for Civic Arts, come this Spring, there will no longer be a separate fee for seniors.  The fee will be the same for everyone.  I almost missed that.

For everyone who missed the LAA (Lamorinda Arts Alliance) Open Studios, it was fun and perfect weather.  But don't worry, more shows are on there way and I will be telling you about them!  I'll be in touch so that you won't miss future opportunities.

Obviously we can't all keep up with everything, so let's at least keep up with our painting and drawing.  To avoid missing anything begin by taking everything one step further:  If you don't paint, think about learning if you're interested; if you already paint, take a class; if you paint well, but can't draw, learn to draw; and so on and so forth.  We've already missed enough of those things that matter to us most.  It's time to avoid the things you don't want to miss!


Upcoming Workshops

 Enrollment is Now

Painting Workout begins this coming Sunday!


 Painting Workout 

Sundays, Oct 16 and Dec 11

9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (1 hour lunch break)

Tuition: $90 for one session; $165 for both sessions

Minimum: 4 students

Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Registration and information: email ptaylor.artist@gmail.com

It is often said that you will learn more by painting one hundred paintings than by painting one.  In this class we will be painting rapidly from still life, developing our brushwork skills and confidence in applying paint.  We will begin by painting one canvas per hour, in the mornings and slow down to two in the afternoons.  The focus will be on painting what is essential without getting wrapped up in the details.  Come and “workout”!


Plein Air Landscape Painting - Painting on Location 

Saturdays, 9:00 AM—12:00 PM, Oct 1, Oct 29, Nov 19, and Dec 17 - On Location

4 classes; Tuition: $22 for one session; $42 for 2; $62 for 3; $80 for 4 

Materials list:  Plein air easel; oil or acrylic paints; supports

Registration and information: email ptaylor.artist@gmail.com 

This plein air (on location) painting class is open to all new and continuing students.  Come discover why painting on location has so much to offer.  Class includes information on creating successful paintings on location; seeing colors; and making the plein air experience work for you.  All classes will be held on location.  Beginners welcome, but some basic painting experience required. 


Painting on Location

This Saturday I teach a plein air class in Lafayette.  It's open to any interested students who paint at the intermediate or a higher level.  Contact me if you're interested.

Below is a picture of me painting in Yosemite near Tioga Pass.  The photo was taken by a photographer who was nice enough to send me a copy.

On the Tioga Road.


Continuing Education

Like all students of any discipline, I take classes.  This Saturday I'm fortunate to be able to take a figure and portrait painting class.  I am excited because I believe all art is practice and there is nothing more enjoyable (and difficult) than getting the opportunity to practice.  It is not easy for me to find a figure class at a time when I'm not already teaching.  I know I will more than likely learn something new, be reintroduced to a thought, idea, or notion that I had forgotton, and best of all I will get to paint a subject that I rarely get to paint - figure.

So if you're still thinking about signing up for classes this session, check out www.lafayettestudio.org.  Or if live elsewhere or you're not a painter, but you're reading my blog, check out the local classes in your community.  This may be the perfect time for you to learn something new too!


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